Here are the start points:


What is the future of Internet, centralized or decentralized ?

When the Internet was born, it was a decentralized and independent cyberspace. However, after nearly three decades a few companies now dominate the traffic flow . More and more rights and power have been transferred into the hands of companies. Cloud decides what to buy, people's behavior and private information are explored and shared.
It is a bigger problem if people can not self-host private information and data. The solution is personal sever that can function as "cloud" private servers to process private information.


What is the next revolution that is going to change the world?

The AI (artificial intelligence) is going to help people to be more productive and creative; it opens up more areas than ever for exploration.


The Mission of CoodTec

Private intelligent information search, storage and sharing of solutions, by using of AI, Blockchain and other technologies, and a successful innovative  business model.


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